Boker Plus Strike • Budget Automatic Knife – 2 Month EDC Review

If you are looking for a very affordable EDC (Every Day Carry) automatic knife then the Boker Plus Strike may be for you. Coming in at the $40 price point, this is going to be a great budget EDC option. I have been carrying this knife for well over a month now and I have to say it has turned out to be a solid entry-level EDC knife purchase.

Boasting a 3.25″ blade length, (7.875″ overall length) I have been carrying this Tanto version of the Boker Plus Strike Automatic and I have put this knife through everyday use, so I wanted to give you all an idea on what to expect from this knife if you purchase it. Here is the knife after a little over two months of continuous carry:

As you can see from the image above this is a good looking knife for the money. However, this price point does come with some flaws as well as some positives.

Upon further inspection of the images, you will notice a decent amount of wear on the blade and handle finishes. This was caused by the knife rubbing against my keys and aluminum wallet.

This knife also has a slight bit of blade wiggle when it is open, but it isn’t much and is well within the acceptable range for this price point.

The groves and aluminum handle with its ridges and textured bumps make the knife fairly easy to hold on to and comfortable in the hand.

The release button is decent as well, with a moderately crisp push button, that I think is sized appropriately for this size knife.

The action on the Boker plus strike is crisp and snappy, providing a very fast open speed and feel.

Let’s take a look at some knife specifications and go over some highlighted Pros and Cons:

Knife Specifications:

Brand: Boker Plus

Model: Strike

Style: Automatic Opening

Total Knife Length: 7.875″

Blade Length: 3.25″

Blade Material: AUS-8 Steel

Blade Style: Tanto

Blade Edge Style: Serrated

Handle Material: Aluminum

Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Tip-Down

Highlighted Features:

1. Pocket Clip Can Be Flipped Tip-Up or Tip-Down.

This is a really nice feature to see on a knife coming in at this price point, allowing users to carry either way they choose.

2. Serrated Edge.

I personally like a Serrated Edge knife, especially something that I am looking to carry every day. It just gives me that slight bit of extra versatility that makes the knife have a little more function than it otherwise wouldn’t have. Totally personal preference though.

3. Price Point.

Coming in at a whopping $40, this is a great budget automatic knife if you are just interested in getting your feet wet in the world of automatic knives.

4. The Action.

The action on this knife is solid. It has a nice and crisp “snap” when you push on down on the release button. It’s also very fast for the size of the knife it is pushing around.

5. Double Lock.

This knife has the added function of being able to depress the lock lever after the knife is open and engage a secondary lock mechanism. I like this function for certain situations, such as prying or banging on the knife in any manner.


1. Blade doesn’t come very sharp out of the box.

I ordered this knife over at Blade HQ and for me it didn’t come very sharp out of the box, I would recommend sharpening it up before putting it under any strenuous cuts.

2. AUS-8 Steel Blade

AUS-8 Steel is decent for this price point, it’s very similar in makeup to a 440 Steel. I would have liked to see a D2 steel option for this blade, due to the edge retention of D2. However, AUS-8 Steel is common in budget knives of this price and isn’t bad steel. The issue with AUS-8 steel is it dulls quickly, but it can be sharpened down to a razor edge. AUS-8 does withstand rust well, which is a bonus.

3. Knife finish wears off fairly quickly.

If your knife bangs around in your pocket against keys or anything else metal, or if you happen to drop it, the finish will wear off fairly quickly on this knife. As expected on a $40 knife but, something to be aware of none the less.

4. Lock Mechanism Isn’t Very Crisp

The lock mechanism on this knife has a moderately crisp engagement and disengagement however it does have some wiggle after it is engaged or disengaged and sitting idle without being flipped.

Overall Rating:

Overall this knife is going to make a very solid EDC knife for anyone that is looking to jump into the world of automatic knives and is looking to do so on a budget. I personally think this knife is a good choice if you are looking for a bigger knife that will be able to handle a variety of tasks without breaking the bank in the process.

Let me know your thoughts on this knife in the comments below!

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