Is a Gunbelt Worth it? – Relentless Tactical Belt Review

The belt is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. It holds up your pants and makes you look like a functional member of society. In the world of concealed carry, it can make a big difference in the reliability and comfort level of your experience while carrying your gear.

When making the decision to conceal carry, the question comes up on if buying a special ‘gun belt’ is actually worth it.

You might be thinking I have a good leather work belt that should work just fine. While it all comes down to personal preference gun belts are specifically designed with conceal carry in mind.

When exploring the world of concealed carry, I tried many belts that I already owned from thin dress belts to thicker reversible belts I tried them all. In the end, it seemed like none of the regular belts I owned provided enough stability

If you have a thick leather work belt this might not be the case, but your standard brown leather wrangler won’t hold that full size 1911 in your pants.

Advantages of Using a Gun Belt

  • Gun Belts are more rigid and designed to hold more weight thus reducing any unwanted pant sagging
  • These belts often feature removable/replaceable belt buckles and some of the more fancy options include their own adjustment systems for maximum customization.
  • Overall they offer more security and their heavy design is meant to reduce wear and warping due to the carry weight of your gear

Which Belt is Right for You?

There are many options in the world of gun belts. It can be hard to find a balance between comfort, stability, and visual appeal. However, all of these categories and their importance are weighted heavily on your personal style and preference.

For me, I used the Relentless Tactical concealed carry belt.

The Relentless offers the perfect balance of style and functionality for my tastes. Its thick leather construction makes it durable and firm enough to hold my holster and carry piece without being uncomfortable. Coming in around $60 it is not the cheapest option but still affordable and is around the standard price for most gun belts on the market

I’ve had other belts in the past that were too rigid and heavy and were just generally unpleasant to wear. I did not have this issue with the relentless, and I even use it as a casual belt when I’m not carrying.

Final Thoughts

Overall there are many options when it comes to gun belts and there may even be some people who choose to use their own belts. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and finding that balance between functionality, comfort and the style that suits you. The Relentless Tactical fit this sweet spot for me and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable and reliable concealed carry belt.

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