Subcompact Weapon Light – Streamlight TLR-6 Review


Subcompact pistols are one of if not the most popular concealed carry option for many people. However, it might not be so easy to find a good light or laser attachment that fits well, and functions properly.

Some subcompacts like my Gen 5 Glock 26, do not even have a rail to mount a light to. In my search to find a light or laser attachment to suit my needs, I came across the Streamlight TLR-6.

They say good things come in pairs and TLR-6 is no exception featuring both a laser and weapon light in one convenient package.


  • High Lumens 100
  • Run Time 1.00 hours
  • Beam Distance 89 meters
  • Battery Type CR-1/3N Lithium
  • Length 2.20 inches – 2.97 inches
  • Weight 1.12 ounces – 1.27 ounces

The controls for the TLR-6 are two ambidextrous buttons toward the back of the polymer frame. The activation buttons are light but not too sensitive. There are three main lighting modes that can be toggled by pressing both buttons at once. Those modes are light only, laser only, or both at the same time.


  • The TLR-6 is sturdy and after 100’s of rounds down range it hasn’t shaken loose or lost its stability
  • The combination of a laser and flashlight offers more utility than a regular weapon light
  • The TLR-6 is available for many popular pistol models including the Glock 26,43 and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


  • The light is only 100 lumens which may not be bright enough for some
  • The activation button is just out of reach for someone with mid-length index fingers and requires some minor grip repositioning to activate.
  • If you plan on concealed carrying your pistol with this attachment you will need a special holster in order for it to fit.
The light beam goes out ~ 30 yards

Final Thoughts:

The TLR-6 offers a good laser and a functional light in a compact package. The fact that the light is only 100 lumens may turn some people off, but for my purposes I found 100 lumens to be plenty. I had my doubts about the clamshell design of the device, but it turned out to be pretty sturdy even after some heavy abuse. Overall, the TLR-6 is a solid weapon light option for a subcompact pistol.

Are you looking for a good weapon light for your mid to full-size pistol? Are you wondering if you should use a weapon light at all? Check out Cam’s post here on the pros and cons of carrying a weapon light featuring the Streamlight TLR-8.

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