Weekly Smoke & Bourbon: 08/11/19 – 08/17/19

This week’s pairing joins the dry smokiness of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with the robust flavors of the Diamond Crown Maximus.

“A fine cigar is just like a woman. If you don’t light it up just right and suck on it with a certain frequency, it will go out on you.”


Overall Impressions:

The Maximus comes in strong with hits of cedar and coffee on the profile, while the Blue Label smooths it away with hits of rose, honey, and dark chocolate. What an excellent pairing.

The Cigar: (Diamond Crown Maximus)

The Diamond Crown Maximus has an outstanding 93 rating. Featuring an Ecuadorian-grown El Bajo sungrown wrapper straight from the Oliva family farm, this cigar is definitely one I would recommend getting your hands on. If you like bold, dark, robust flavor profiles then this is going to be a cigar that fits your pallet.

Each puff brings in a smooth draw of smoke with notes of cedar finishing off with flavors of coffee and espresso. Excellently bold.

The Intoxicant: (Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whiskey)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is inspired by Alexander Walker’s 1867 Old Highland Whisky. It was at the forefront of an era when fewer casks were available and quality cask selection was in its infancy.

Blue Label brings with it a rich and luxurious long finish, which showcases Johnnie Walker’s trademark smokiness in the most elegant way possible. A mellow and dry smoky flavor finishes this delicious beverage off in an incredibly satisfying way.

Vibe: “Castle Your King

It’s been a long week for me. A very long week. Puffing on this Maximus as I reflect and think of my goals and how this week has gone for me. Finally pushing through and making it out of a rough patch feels good. Almost like moving your bishop into the final position to checkmate the enemy king.

However, getting caught up with your offense can sometimes leave you defenseless, or so focused you lose sight of the bigger picture. Sipping away at this Blue Label, I began to reflect further and deeper on the week I just had. Although during this week, I lost pawns, bishops, and even a rook, I remembered to Castle my King, and in the end, it allowed me to declare checkmate.

Long story short, look at the bigger picture, just because you give up a piece or two, maybe even your queen, it doesn’t mean, you can’t achieve your dream.

“Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.”

Ralph Charell

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