Weekly Smoke & Bourbon: 08/18/19 – 08/24/19

This week’s pairing combines the popular Cohiba Connecticut with the rich Four Roses Small Batch

“A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it. “

Raul Julia

Overall Impressions:

The blend of mildly spicy smoke from the Cohiba combined excellently with the balanced fruit notes of the Four Roses. The sweet and smooth combination of flavors on the pallete made me genuinely excited to take another sip of this bourbon after a nice draw of the Cohiba.

The Cigar: (Cohiba Connecticut)

The Cohiba Connecticut is a very popular cigar from one of the most popular cigar companies in the world. It was a very enjoyable and mild to medium-bodied smoke with hints of spice, citrus, and an overall toasty flavor.

This Cohiba is composed of a mix between Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan fillers inside of a Mexican binder. All tied together in a succulent Ecuadorian Wrapper.

This stick had a smooth even burn that stayed lit for the duration of my smoke. Its mild blend of toasty and spicy flavors made for an incredibly smooth smoke. I could take puff after puff without feeling overpowered.

The Intoxicant: (Four Roses Small Batch)

The Four Roses Small Batch is a well balanced, tasty bourbon. This bourbon features hints of fruity honey-esque flavors combined with subtle notes of sweet oak and caramel.

Some describe this as a ‘Mellow’ bourbon and I would tend to agree. The flavors come together nicely and provide a rich taste without being too sweet or too strong. Coming in around 40$ USD, I found it to be an enjoyable bourbon for the price. Then again im not too picky.

Vibe: “Change with the Seasons”

As the summer comes to an end and fall begins, I find myself at another crossroads in my life. I often think back on the good times I’ve had wishing I could go back to the way things were. While nostalgia can be a good thing, lately I feel as though it has been holding me back.

Sitting back enjoying the Four Roses had put me in a self-reflective mood. I started to realize that I needed to come to terms with the changes in life and learn to adapt instead of dwelling on the past. I took in a long draw of the Cohiba to balance out the rich flavors of my bourbon to ease my mind. This helped me start to accept the new changes and plan my life’s course accordingly.

In the end, situations will change, people will come in and out of your life, but learning to adapt and roll with the punches can help prepare you for the future. Everything has its season, but for now, I chose to sit back pour myself another glass and enjoy the rest of my smoke. Cheers.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Jimmy Dean

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