Weekly Smoke & Bourbon: 02/10/20 – 02/16/20

This week’s pairing combines the rich flavors of the Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style with the bold Cohiba Nicaragua.

Aficionado my ass…I just love to smoke cigars

James Woods

Overall Impressions:

The medium to full-bodied flavor profile of the Cohiba was a great counterpart to the bold flavors of the 1920. The spicy, peppery taste of this cigar paired well with the smokey richness of the bourbon. The combination of flavors left my pallet with a slightly sweet and spicy taste eagerly which kept me puffing and sipping

The Cigar: (Cohiba Nicaragua)

This stick was made using sun-grown Colorado Oscuro wrapper, accompanied by Nicaraguan long-fillers from Jalapa and Esteli all brought together by a Nicaraguan binder from Jalapa as well. The Cohiba Nicaragua is classified as a medium to full-bodied smoke which is a good description given the difference in strength around halfway through the smoke.

The Cohiba Nicaragua had some great flavors and provided a nice draw and burn throughout. The flavor profile offered a subtle cocoa flavor, with some smooth earthy notes. This transitioned into a spicier earthy flavor with just a hint of dark chocolate notes.

The Intoxicant: (Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style)

All the taste of prohibition-style whiskey without the downside of being brewed in a bathtub. Coming in at 115 proof the Old Forester 1290 is a bold but flavorful sipper. Even with the high alcohol percentage, I was able to enjoy it neat and adding some ice made it all the more smooth.
I’ve said it multiple times throughout this post, however, if I had to describe the flavor of the 1920 in one word it would be “rich”. As soon as the 1920 hit my palate, I was greeted by a mix of syrupy sweet, smokey and nutty flavors all encapsulated in a nice warm finish that left me with a light smoky taste.

Vibe: “Be Bold”

As usual, I began to reflect on life while enjoying this week’s pairing. As the rich bourbon flowed down my gullet and into my bloodstream, I began to think about all the work that had to be done this weekend. I started to realize lately that I had become complacent with my current circumstances. The only way out was gonna be through hard work and effort.

Like many people, I had set goals for myself in 2020. However, now that we are a few months in, people typically start to give up on their resolutions. I realized that if I wanted to achieve my goals, I was gonna have to push myself to do things even when I didn’t feel like it. The saying fortune favors the bold came to my mind as I realized that this would be a battle of mental toughness.

At the end of the day, it may be a cliche saying, but achieving that fortune takes sacrifice and effort. Sometimes it becomes hard to keep pushing, but it pays off to be bold and chase those goals even when others around you have dropped out of the race.

“ Freedom lies in being bold ”

Robert Frost

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