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Casual reviews of firearms from the perspective of a gun enthusiast and not an expert. We are by no means experts, but we do enjoy firearms and aim to share our passions with you and your friends.

Budget Pistol Review – Taurus PT709 Slim

In the world of handguns, it can be difficult to find a cost-effective reliable option for concealed carry. There are many ‘budget’ pistols available from common manufacturers with varying levels of reliability. This brings me to my choice for a budget concealed carry pistol the Taurus PT 709 Slim. Overview: This pistol features a very slim design which includes textured…


Home Defense – Which Gun Works Best?

Intro: When it comes to home defense, there are many options to consider. The discussion over which firearm is best for a home defense situation is a highly debated topic. The truth is there’s no right answer and different guns will be better for different situations. However, if you are new to guns or if you’re looking to buy a…


Subcompact Weapon Light – Streamlight TLR-6 Review

Overview: Subcompact pistols are one of if not the most popular concealed carry option for many people. However, it might not be so easy to find a good light or laser attachment that fits well, and functions properly. Some subcompacts like my Gen 5 Glock 26, do not even have a rail to mount a light to. In my search…


Extended Controls Kit for Glock – Glock Store

Introduction: In my search for an extended slide release for my Gen 4 Glock 19, I found this complete extended controls kit from the Glock Store. Working on making some additions to my “Gucci Glock” build, they have this kit in Titanium Nitride as well to add a little bit of shine and match my barrel. Added the kit to…


Should You Carry a Weapon Light? – TLR8 Review

Whether or not you decide to run a weapon-mounted light is going to be up to personal preference. With the growing controversy surrounding the topic, I think both sides make a case. The jury is out, but let’s take a look into both sides and see if we can reach a verdict. Visibility Vs. Concealment This seems to be the…


Dummy Cheap Build: AR-15 on a Budget

For the Cash Strapped ArmaLite Enthusiast Overview: If you are new to guns, or just looking to explore the AR-15 platform you may be wondering where to start especially if you’re on a budget. While there are many different tutorials and AR build guides out there, this build break down will be aimed to provide you with the best bang…

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